Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events


Powerful Tools for Caregivers (Tuesdays, 2:30-4pm, Sep. 22- Oct. 27)

Are you caring for an adult with a chronic condition? Powerful Tools for Caregivers is an educational series designed to provide tools you need to take care of yourself. As a participant you will learn how to: reduce stress, improve self-confidence, better communicate your feelings, balance your life, increase ability to make tough decisions and locate helpful resources. The cost to attend all 6 workshops is $15 to cover the cost of your learning kit and Caregiver Helpbook. Only for family caregivers, but not diagnosis-specific.
Register here: https://cornerstoneva.churchcenter.com/registrations/events/500139

A Walk in the World of Dementia (November 14th, 10am-1pm)

A workshop to teach hands-on dementia skills for family and professional caregivers, future caregivers and community members. Details and registration coming soon! 

Virtual Dealing with Dementia Workshop (December 4th, 10-2:30pm) 

This four hour workshop, designed specifically for family caregivers, discusses strategies on navigating the care of a loved one with dementia. Participants will learn how to use the 360-page "Dealing with Dementia Guide," and will be able to take home this evidence-informed resource for free. If you are a family caregiver of someone living with dementia, this workshop is for you. 
Register here: https://cornerstoneva.churchcenter.com/registrations/events/517477