The Bible is also important to us. We believe it is relevant to all areas of life and gives the guidelines for connecting with God and for living life to the fullest. We aim to help people put its teachings to work in daily life.  Our goal is to mobilize members to minister to others wherever they are, not to build a ministry around church meetings (or buildings).

We believe “life to life” relationships are an integral part of God’s plan for discipleship, so much of the spiritual growth, ministry, and direction in our church body happens organically. There are opportunities to connect in homes, cafes, parks, and wherever relationships happen.

These goals reflect our Mission and Vision Statements.

Cornerstone Vision Statement:

We are a group of Christ followers who are being shaped by personally walking with Jesus, being in His Word, being united with His people and serving the community, and as a result we are being equipped to give our lives to build bridges to those God puts around us to bring them closer to Christ.

Cornerstone Mission Statement:

To know, love and glorify God and be used by Him to help unchurched people become fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ