The Art of Neighboring

The Art of Neighboring is an initiative our church is taking this Fall to put into action the Great Commandment of loving your neighbor as yourself.  Imagine how your street, your neighborhood, our town would look if we all went about being good neighbors. Suspicion would wane and trust would grow. People would be more known and the friendly factor would grow even beyond where it is now.  Isolation and depression could be helped.  And with greater trust who knows what kinds of... Read More
Posted by Mike Poff at Thursday, Aug 9

Project Enough

Our Youth are raising money to pay for their summer mission trip in June.  Would you like to help? Help our students go to PASSPORT missions Camp in Danville this summer to learn how God's grace is enough for them.  You can help them by: Purchasing a Pot Pie ($20/each) Renting a Student ($20/hour) for one of the following tasks:  House Cleaning, Child Care, Lawn Care, Graphic Design, Yark Work, Car Wash If you are interested, please email us at ... Read More
at Thursday, May 3